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Organic fertilizer production equipment applied to economic crops

The special high efficiency fertilizer made by the organic fertilizer production equipment should be mainly used in the production of economic crops, especially in new vegetable garden and new orchard. In addition to cash crops, it is also necessary to correct the trend that the field production of food crops depends only on chemical fertilizers rather than organic fertilizers.

In the long run, food production is not only difficult to grow sustainably and steadily, but also aggravates agricultural non-point source pollution. When recommending organic fertilizers to a large number of farms, we must first pay attention to the types, sources and ingredients of organic fertilizers.
organic fertilizer production equipment

Field organic fertilizer should focus on returning straw to the field, and appropriately cooperate with chemical fertilizers and nitrogen fertilizers to adjust the carbon to nitrogen ratio and promote the decomposition of organic matter. Activity and optimization of soil microbial communities. If the field wants to apply a large amount of organic fertilizer to manure and urine, it is not only difficult to ensure the source of fertilizer, but also the organic fertilizer of manure and urine has little effect on the improvement of soil organic matter and fertilization. The main function is to promote the circulation and renewal of organic matter. Organic fertilizer granulator equipment should be mainly used for the production of cash crops, especially new vegetable gardens and new orchards.