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The function of manure fermentation turning machine in compost production

Manure fermentation dumper plays an important role in composting production: compost turning machine is a widely used fermentation equipment. It has the characteristics of high efficiency and low cost. It is a common equipment for small and medium-sized organic fertilizer manufacturers.

The emergence of compost turning machines is gradually replacing manual material turning. The turning machines produced and sold by our company have expanded the advantages of traditional pile turning machines and have added automatic discharging functions, which are not only fully functional. , Good efficiency, low price, and greatly save labor and investment costs. It is a necessary organic fertilizer manufacturing machine.
compost turning machine

Several important functions of the turner are embodied in the following aspects:

1. The compost turning machine makes the raw materials more elastic and nutritious, which can change the permeability of the raw materials very well.
2. Compost turning machine is that the raw materials are in full contact with the air, and it absorbs a lot of fresh air. The temperature can be adjusted appropriately according to the needs.
3. The compost turning machine can effectively integrate all kinds of raw materials together, and the mixing function in the mixing process of raw materials is very powerful.

Organic fertilizer not only can provide comprehensive nutrition for crops, but also has long fertilizer efficiency. Fertilizer manufacturing equipment can increase and update soil organic matter, improve saline alkali soil, reduce soil hardening, promote microbial reproduction, and improve soil physical and chemical properties and biological activity. Fertilizer equipment in the production of organic fertilizer, can change the soil water, fertilizer, gas, thermal environment, increase soil permeability, increase fertilizer utilization, high content of soil organic matter, can increase the fruit aroma, sweetness, palatability, brightness.