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Organic fertilizer production line uses a dual shaft mixer to mix raw materials

 The double-shaft mixer is an important mechanical equipment in the organic fertilizer production line. It uses two sets of spiral blades (or stirring knives) for stirring. It has the characteristics of high stirring efficiency, small floor area and long service life. Adopting horizontal reducer transmission, smooth rotation and low noise. The machine feeds from the top and discharges from the bottom. The structure is reasonable. The seals between the joint surfaces are tight and the operation is stable. A humidification water spray system is provided to ensure uniform water spray and adjust the water supply to meet the needs.

Advantages: It has high mixing efficiency and small footprint. Spiral blade adopts high wear-resistant special alloy, dual-shaft wet mixer adopts reducer transmission, smooth rotation and low noise. The dual-shaft mixer feeds from the top and discharges from the bottom. The structure is reasonable, and the sealing between the joint surfaces is tight, and the operation is stable. .

Use and maintenance:
1. Installation: Place the machine stably, install the machine feet, and flatten it so that the machine can run freely.
2. Before use, refill the oil to be refueled, and then run it at no load, check whether the fasteners are loose, whether the electrical is normal, and whether the machine is operating normally. If there is any abnormality, repair and debug.
3. Turn the feeding port to the top, open the feeding cap for feeding, and the feeding amount should not exceed the specified volume. Then close the feeding cap and start the machine to run. If an abnormality is found on the way, it must be shut down and inspected.
4. After work or changing the variety, the inside and outside of the hopper must be rinsed clean.

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