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What are the commonly used granulator equipment in organic fertilizer production lines


Organic fertilizers include powders and granules. In the organic fertilizer sales market, the price of granular organic fertilizers is higher than that of powdered organic fertilizers. This is because, after the fertilizer is made into granules, the weight is appropriate and it is not easy to be blown away by the wind. Granular organic fertilizers are not as susceptible to moisture and caking as powdered fertilizers, making them easier to apply. Some inorganic components can also be added during the granulation process to improve fertilizer efficiency. Organic fertilizer granulation requires professional organic fertilizer granulation equipment. Next, let's take a look at commonly used granulation equipment.

1. Double roll extrusion granulator

The counter roller extrusion granulator is a key equipment for granulating compound fertilizer. It has advanced technology, reasonable design, compact structure, novel and practical, low energy consumption, and forms a miniaturized assembly line with related equipment, which can form a certain production capacity of continuous and mechanized. Using the eugenic formula, it does not require drying, is produced at room temperature, and is rolled in one step to ensure that the product quality meets the requirements of the technical indicators for compound fertilizers. It is an updated product dedicated to high, medium, and low concentration compound fertilizers for various crops and energy conservation and consumption reduction in the compound fertilizer industry. The shape and size of the roller skin ball socket of this series of granulators can be selected by users according to their needs, with a wide range of ball pressing shapes including pillow shaped, semicircular, rod shaped, sheet shaped, ball shaped, walnut shaped, flat ball shaped, and strip shaped.

2. Disc granulator

This fertilizer granulation equipment is a relatively common granulation equipment. The disc granulation equipment, also known as a ball disc, adopts an overall circular arc structure, with a granulation rate of over 93%. Mingda disc granulator can improve labor productivity. Flexible belt transmission is used between the reducer and the motor, ensuring smooth starting and slowing down the impact force. It has a protective effect on the disc granulator. Mingda disc granulator is an ideal fertilizer granulation equipment with non deformable and uniform granulation.

3. Drum granulator

Unlike other granulation equipment, this machine is a molding machine that can shape materials into specific shapes. The granulation method is wet pelletizing. After using a certain amount of water or steam to wet the base fertilizer in the drum, the material is squeezed and aggregated into a sphere through the rotary movement of the drum. The drum granulator is suitable for cold and hot organic fertilizer granulation and high, medium, and low concentration compound fertilizer granulation.

The three types of granulation equipment mentioned above are commonly used in fertilizer granulation, with respective advantages. Different types of granulation equipment can also be customized according to different needs, so the prices vary.