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Processing process of bio manure using organic fertilizer production line

 In the biofertilizer project process, each production process is irreducible in production. Each production process directly affects the product quality and output of the entire bio-organic fertilizer. What steps do we have to go through to produce organic fertilizer?

First, first add animal manure and straw to be fermented according to the proportion, then stack them together for simple stack fermentation, and then enter the fermentation tank to use the stacker for secondary fermentation. At around 50%, raw materials such as poultry manure and manure are fermented and rotted. The harmful bacteria can be killed during the entire fermentation process, which is also the most important part of the entire bio-organic fertilizer manufacturing process.

Second, the semi-wet material pulverizer of the organic fertilizer pulverizing equipment should be used for the preliminary decomposition of the raw materials.

Third, the mixing of ingredients is a key step in fertilizer production. Its main function is to add the right ingredients in proportion and the right mix to improve the quality of the fertilizer.

Fourth, after the materials are evenly mixed, granulation is carried out. The organic materials with a good proportion are fed into the fertilizer granulator machine for granulation. At this step, a granulator can be selected according to the customer's demand for the appearance of the granules. This step is also the most important part of the entire process.

Fifth, the organic fertilizer equipment is born in the drying process. The materials get high temperature during the drying process. The particles are dried by the dryer to reduce the water content to a certain level, and then the cooling is needed because water cannot be used for cooling. Therefore, it is necessary to use a cooling device to isolate the contact between the material and the water. This step plays a secondary role in reducing moisture.

Sixth, the sieving process requires sieving the fertilizers of unqualified granules. The unqualified granules are transported to the crushing area for pulverization and then granulated. The qualified granulated products are transported to the packaging machine through the conveyor. It has the advantages of high efficiency and easy operation.

Seventh, packaging is the last link in fertilizer equipment.

The above are the various processes in the biological organic fertilizer production line. The processes of organic and compound fertilizers, compound fertilizers, and BB fertilizers are different. According to the needs of the manufacturer, positioning, and output, to select the appropriate production line.