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Organic fertilizer machine realizes the green ecology of manure returning to the field

The reason why livestock and poultry manure can be turned into available resources is inseparable from the organic fertilizer machine. In the development process, the main direction is harmless and fertilizer. The organic fertilizer manufacturing machine processes manure and processes organic fertilizer, which has become a new road for the development of the combination of agriculture and animal husbandry, planting and breeding, and green ecological cycle.

Organic fertilizer manufacturing process steps:

1. Raw material fermentation. Chicken manure and straw are mixed according to the ratio of various raw materials, and the compost tipping machine is used to help the fermentation and decay quickly.

2. Raw material crushing. The agglomerated materials during composting are crushed evenly with a crusher to reduce the diameter of materials.

3. Raw material granulation. The crushed materials are granulated by two in one organic fertilizer granulator.

4. Drying of granules. The granulated materials are sent to the dryer to dry the particles for moisture storage.

5. Particle cooling. After drying, the material has high temperature and easy to agglomerate. After cooling, it is easy to store and transport.

6. Screening of finished products. After cooling, the qualified products will be screened out, and the unqualified pulverizer will be crushed and granulated again.

7. Apply a layer of protective film to the particles with the coating machine to make the particles more round.

8. Finished product packaging. The granules are packed in finished bags and stored in a ventilated place.