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Don't panic about equipment failure of organic fertilizer production line

Organic fertilizer production line is to make some manure and sludge into fertilizer by organic fertilizer machine. Nowadays, more and more organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment is put into use. How to deal with some problems in the process of using? What should we do in case of mechanical failure? When encountering some small faults of the machine, don't panic, find out the cause of the failure and solve the equipment problems step by step.

(1) The granulation effect of the granulator is not good. It may be that the double rollers of the roller granulator are not aligned and re calibrated. The motor rotor is not concentric. The position of motor can be moved left and right, or pad under the motor foot to adjust the concentricity of the two rotors.

(2) The original balance of the machine was destroyed. After the motor is repaired, dynamic balance test shall be conducted to ensure the overall balance.
organic fertilizer production line equipment

(3) The foundation bolts of fertilizer manufacturing equipment are loose or the foundation is not firm. During installation or maintenance, the anchor bolts shall be tightened evenly. The vibration damping device shall be installed between the foundation foundation and the crusher to reduce the vibration.

(4) The hammer piece of the pulverizer is broken or there are hard debris in the crushing room. All of these will cause the rotor rotation imbalance, and cause the whole machine vibration. Therefore, the machine should be checked regularly for hammers with severe wear. During replacement, it is necessary to replace symmetrically; abnormal sound in the operation of the pulverizer shall be stopped immediately for inspection and the reasons shall be found and dealt with in time.

(5) The connection between the organic fertilizer equipment production line system and other equipment is not consistent. For example, improper connection of feed pipes and discharge pipes will cause vibration and sound. Therefore, these connecting parts should not be hard-connected, but soft-connected.

Once a fertilizer production line has a machine failure, the entire line cannot be used normally, causing waste of resources and delaying fertilizer production. In the process of using fertilizer equipment, all kinds of problems will be encountered, and our factory provides after-sales service and is responsible to customers.