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Two aspects to pay attention to when debugging fertilizer equipment and machine

The use of livestock and poultry manure processing equipment is not only beneficial to the survival and growth of the livestock and poultry themselves, but also to the improvement of our environment. Before using the organic fertilizer manufacturing machine, the process of debugging cannot be avoided. We should pay attention to two aspects when debugging equipment.

1. Pay attention to the temperature debugging

During the operation of organic fertilizer manufacturing machine, the staff should pay attention to the change of equipment temperature, because the temperature of equipment will directly affect the processing effect of materials. Attention should be paid to the temperature control of the equipment, including starting the machine to help the equipment warm up for 40 to 50 minutes, and adjusting different temperatures according to different materials of different properties.
organic fertilizer manufacturing machine

2. Inspection of equipment parts

Whether it is organic fertilizer production process or NPK fertilizer production line, the system components shall be checked for tightness and tightness according to the system configuration, and then the commissioning of starting up shall be carried out. If there is any abnormality, it should be paid attention to, find out the reasons and eliminate it. With the increasing of breeding grounds, the higher the quality requirements of the waste disposal equipment for livestock and poultry will be. The commissioning is a key to determine the quality of machinery manufacturing. Therefore, we want to have high quality and long-term development, we must pay close attention to the above two aspects of debugging.