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Plate-copying design for Drum Dryer of Compound Fertilizer Equipment

Rotary drum dryer is used to dry fertilizer granules in compound fertilizer equipment, which plays an important role in the processing of compound fertilizer. Drum dryer is a kind of drying equipment to deal with the drying of a large number of materials. The rotary drum dryer is widely used in metallurgy, chemical industry, light industry and other departments because of its reliable operation, simple operation and high processing capacity.

In the production and processing of compound fertilizer, fertilizer drying is characterized by high moisture content, high energy consumption and difficult control. There are many factors affecting the treatment effect of compound fertilizer dryer. In view of the common problems in this kind of compound fertilizer dryer, our rotary drum dryer specially designed a kind of combined sheeting, which improved the existing problems of compound fertilizer dryer equipment and the efficiency of compound fertilizer production line.

Rotary drum dryer-Tianci fertilizer equipment manufacturer
As a professional fertilizer equipment manufacturer, the drum dryer we designed improves the dispersion of materials on the cross section of the drum, prolongs the time of mass and heat transfer of fertilizer equipment, and makes the dryer in a state of high efficient heat transfer. We have improved the sheet structure of the drum dryer, and coordinated with the rotational speed of the drum body of the corresponding size specifications, so that the compound fertilizer particles form a good material curtain. In the actual drying of fertilizer production line, this kind of dryer has achieved good results.
rotary drum dryer for compound fertilizer equipment

Plate-copying design of rotary drum dryer
The guide plate in the drum dryer makes the material enter the drum body with greater forward driving force, reduces the residence time of the material in the drum body, and improves the production efficiency. The sheeting of the dryer enables the accelerated material to move smoothly along the cylinder and into the depth of the cylinder. The combined sheeting makes the material rotate and drive upward with the cylinder body, and the material moves up and down the cylinder body. And as the dryer barrel rotates, the material is lifted from the low point of the barrel and thrown at the high point. The material scattering area is large, which ensures that all materials fall after the cylinder is rotated in one circle. Composite sheeting makes the compound fertilizer particles fall in stages, and the material curtain is uniform in the cylinder.