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Sulfur coated urea NPK fertilizer production line processing

Sulfur-coated urea is the most productive slow-release urea in the world. It is the cheapest slow-release nitrogen fertilizer and the most widely used slow-release fertilizer in crops. The sulphur-urea production line in the NPK fertilizer production line can be used for the processing of this fertilizer. The figure shows the layout draw of an NPK fertilizer production line for the production of sulfur-coated urea. The sulfur-coated urea production line can achieve a high output of 15 tons per hour. The fertilizer production line has a large production capacity, low cost and low energy consumption.
sulfur coated urea npk fertilizer production line

Urea is the most widely used nitrogen fertilizer in agricultural production. It dissolves quickly after being applied to the soil and is converted into ammonia nitrogen and nitrate nitrogen under the action of urease in the soil. Urea has short fertilizer efficiency and low utilization rate. Some of the nitrate nitrogen is leached or lost with rainwater or irrigation water, and some ammonia nitrogen is volatilized. Low fertilizer utilization rate will cause excessive fertilization, reduce economic income, and affect the ecological environment. Therefore, improving the utilization rate of chemical fertilizers and reducing environmental pollution caused by fertilization is a problem that must be paid attention to in agricultural production.

Sulfur-coated urea has the characteristics of long fertilizer efficiency and high fertilizer efficiency, which is conducive to the stable and high yield of crops and the utilization of nitrogen in fertilizers. The processing of the sulfur-coated urea NPK fertilizer production line can reduce the pollution to the environment. The application of sulfur-coated urea controlled-release fertilizer can maximize the utilization of nitrogen in the fertilizer. Sulfur is also a major nutrient for crops, and sulfur and nitrogen have a mutually reinforcing effect. The NPK fertilizer production line applies sulfur to urea processing, which makes the fertilizer easy to store and transport, and the product has better physical properties.

The NPK fertilizer production line prepares sulfur-coated urea, which is easy to operate, simple in process and low in equipment investment. The equipment used is loader feeding hopper, large angle belt conveyor, rotary drum heating machine, fertilizer coating machine, rotary drum powder machine, and packing machine.