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Bio-organic fertilizer equipment to treat distiller's grains

Bio-organic fertilizer equipment can produce organic fertilizer in large quantities from wine tanks, which can be used to make organic fertilizer, which has a significant effect on increasing sorghum yield. Bio-organic fertilizer equipment reuses waste from industrial production into organic fertilizer, which returns it to agriculture and promotes the cycle of organic agriculture.

Organic agriculture refers to the process of agricultural production that does not use chemical fertilizers, pesticides, growth regulators, genetic engineering technology and its products, but follows natural laws and ecological principles and adopts a series of sustainable agricultural technologies to maintain sustainable and stable agricultural production. Nitrogen and phosphorus fertilizers are helpful to increase sorghum yield and amylopectin accumulation in grains, while deficiency of nitrogen, phosphorus and potassium fertilizers will result in a decrease in sorghum yield. And the fertilizer efficiency of microbial fertilizer is better than that of common organic fertilizer. The distiller's grains are the main waste of the brewing industry. They are rich in nutrients and have high nitrogen content in the liquor tank. They are excellent organic fertilizer sources. Bio-organic fertilizer equipment processing wine trough has gradually become an important way of treatment.

Bio-organic fertilizer equipment is mainly used to treat wine tanks through fermentation compost turner, crusher, organic fertilizer granulator, drum dryer and other equipment. Microbial agents is added to the liquor tank for decomposition. The fermentation compost turner promoted the fermentation of distiller's grains. The organic fertilizer granulator made the fermented organic matter into granules. The fine processing of organic fertilizer production line converts distiller's grains into bio-organic fertilizer with high fertility and non-toxicity, which can provide high yield and high quality organic fertilizer for organic sorghum.
bio organic fertilizer equipment

The growth process of sorghum requires a large amount of fertilizer, and each period has played a key role in high fertilizer production. Selection of long-term organic fertilizer is the key factor for sorghum yield. The organic fertilizer produced by bio-organic fertilizer equipment has higher yield-increasing effect on sorghum than that of ordinary organic fertilizer, which meets the growth needs of sorghum and has a long fertilizer efficiency.