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How to prevent caking when processing compound fertilizer

Compound fertilizer caking is a common problem in the use of fertilizers. It is mainly caused by NPK fertilizer moisture, packaging temperature, raw material formula and material heap height. The irregularity and non-smoothness of compound fertilizer particles will aggravate caking. Fertilizer manufacturers usually add anti-caking agents to NPK fertilizer production lines to prevent fertilizer caking. Fertilizer caking has a negative impact on NPK fertilizer production, which not only brings huge losses in agricultural use, but also is not conducive to fertilizer sales and late storage. So how does NPK fertilizer production line process compound fertilizer caking? Next, we analyze how to prevent fertilizer caking from fertilizer granulator and coating machine.

NPK Fertilizer Production Line-Coating Machine
According to our production experience of NPK fertilizer production line for many years, the effect of compound fertilizer with anti-caking agent is better than that without anti-caking agent, and the powdering effect is better than the powder-free effect. So we usually add coating machine in the final treatment process of NPK fertilizer production line. Coating machine can effectively prevent NPK fertilizer from agglomerating by coating the surface of fertilizer particles, and the treatment of coating machine can also make the fertilizer release slowly.
coating machine and drum granulator

NPK Fertilizer Production Line-Rotary Drum Granulator
When NPK fertilizer is stored, it will be caked because of local pressure. This kind of agglomeration is mainly extrusion agglomeration, which is caused by insufficient roundness and smoothness of fertilizer and belongs to slight agglomeration. The agglomeration caused by the shape of the particles is not caused by the crystal bridge between the particles. This kind of agglomeration is easy to handle. In this case, we can add anti-caking agent in compound fertilizer, which can prevent the formation of crystal bridges between particles. In addition to adding anti-caking agent to prevent fertilizer caking, we choose the suitable granulator in the granulation process of NPK fertilizer production line. Rotary drum granulator is the best choice for NPK fertilizer production line. Rotary drum granulator is suitable for granulation of various compound fertilizers, and the granular products are spherical.