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How to prepare organic fertilizer to raise earthworms

Earthworms have strong adaptability, fast growth and reproduction, and are easy to domesticate and breed. Earthworms can decompose waste from wood, fiber, fat and food processing. They can also decompose and digest animal manure, crop waste, medicine residue and garbage. Earthworms have outstanding advantages in dealing with environmental pollution and domestic organic garbage. Earthworms are highly efficient in treating organic garbage. Earthworm manure can also be used as organic fertilizer. More importantly, earthworms contain special active substances, which can be used as medicinal materials, so earthworms have high value. So how to raise earthworms? We introduce a method of preparing organic fertilizer from dreg residue to breed earthworms.

Earthworms can be cultured in a mixed way. In the process of mixed culture, earthworms propagate naturally and need to replenish water every other day. In the feeding of earthworms, due to the excessive antibiotics in animal manure in recent years, raising earthworms with animal manure will affect the quality of earthworms, so we choose organic fertilizer fermented by medicine residue to feed earthworms.

Fermentation of Organic Fertilizer
Drug residue is rich in nutrients. Drug residue and straw are mixed into fermentation tank, and bacterial residue is added into raw materials to promote composting fermentation. Mushroom residue is the organic waste left after mushroom harvesting. Mushroom residue contains a large number of mycelia and yeasts, which can decompose complex organic matter such as crude fibers. It is a good raw material for organic fertilizer preparation.

By adjusting fermentation temperature, moisture, oxygen content, C/N ratio, pH and other conditions, microorganisms can fully decompose organic matter and promote fermentation under appropriate conditions. The compost turning machine can increase the oxygen of compost and adjust the C/N ratio of compost by turning over materials. After the compost is agitated by the turning machine, the fermentation speed is accelerated, the oxygen consumption of microorganisms is increased, and the water consumption is increased. If the water content of raw materials is too low, the water content of raw materials should be supplemented in time.
organic fertilizer fermentationcompost turning machine

Fermented organic fertilizer can be used not only for earthworms breeding, but also for raw materials of organic fertilizer production line for finishing. In the process of earthworm culture, we should pay attention to the changes of temperature and humidity.