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What is the difference between compound fertilizer granules of disc granulator and flat die granulator?

Compared with powdery fertilizer, the physical properties of compound fertilizer granules are better. It has the characteristics of less caking and less moisture absorption. In the production of compound fertilizer, fertilizer granulation machine directly affects the quality of compound fertilizer granules. Disc granulator and flat die granulator are two kinds of commonly used granulation machines. They adopt different granulation methods and have different granulation characteristics. Next, we analyze the production characteristics of these two fertilizer granulator, to compare their suitable conditions for production.

The disc granulator uses agglomeration method to granulate materials, which is widely used to produce organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer. In the production of disc granulator, the granular products are graded automatically, and the fertilizer granules are smooth spherical. The disc granulator is small in size and low in price compared with the general fertilizer granulation machine, but the powder escaped during operation is liable to cause air pollution. In terms of particle compactness, the disc granulator is inferior to the flat die granulator.
disc granulatorflat die granulator

The flat die granulator will granulate the material through extrusion, and there is no waste discharge and pollution in the production process. The flat-die granulator has the characteristics of high production efficiency and high particle hardness. The granular product of flat die granulator has high hardness, which is not only suitable for the production of fertilizer granules, but also widely used in feed, food, and other industries.

Considering the fertilizer production income, the unit granulation time of the flat die granulator is a little longer, the equipment cost is higher than that of the disc granulator, the output is lower, and the production cost is higher, but the granulation rate of the flat die granulator is higher, the operation is simple and pollution-free. Disc granulator has high production capacity and low maintenance cost, but it needs experienced workers to operate when granulating, and some dust pollution occurs in the production. Therefore, in the production of compound fertilizer, we choose the two granulators according to our own needs and the characteristics of fertilizer granules.