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What about belt damage of belt conveyor used to transport fertilizer

Whether organic fertilizer production line or NPK fertilizer production line, belt conveyor plays a very important role in the transportation of fertilizer production. Belt conveyor is the hub connecting various fertilizer production machines, so we should always pay attention to the operation status of belt conveyor in the process of belt conveyor operation. The more vulnerable part of belt conveyor is the conveyor belt on the machine.
In order to reduce the operation and maintenance cost of belt conveyor, we should pay attention to the wear of the belt to prevent or reduce the wear degree of the belt. Then we will analyze the causes of belt wear of conveyor, and deal with the wear phenomenon.

Belt conveyor belt wear occurs in the middle position, which will lead to belt wear, which is a common wear phenomenon of conveyor. Once the leakage of fixed point materials occurs in fertilizer production line, it will cause a certain degree of impact on the conveyor belt. The final result of this impact is that it will cause very serious wear and tear on the conveyor belt. There are two main results in this kind of wear condition. The first is to cause belt wear along the direction of the belt conveyor. The second result is that repeated and uninterrupted leakage of material will lead to overlapping in the middle of the conveyor belt, seriously affecting the operation and production of the belt conveyor. We can use local cold bonding technology, bond conveyor belt to repair wear, or use other professional equipment to spray protective substances in the wear position.
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Although the belt conveyor does not directly deal with fertilizer in the production line of organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer, it will cause enormous trouble to the whole production if its transportation condition is neglected. Therefore, the problems of belt conveyor should be solved in time.