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How to Operate the Trough Fermentation in Organic Fertilizer Production

The modern method of organic fertilizer production is to make use of the fermentation of aerobic microorganisms to turn agricultural waste into high-quality organic fertilizer. In order to ensure the reproduction of microorganisms and accelerate the fermentation of organic fertilizer, the materials in fermentation tank need to be regularly turned during the fermentation process, so the turning machine is the key equipment in the fermentation process. When trough fermentation is used in organic fertilizer production, how does the trough turning machine operate?

The trough turning machine is a kind of large-scale machinery used in material flipping of fermentation tank. It mainly consists of walking system, lifting mechanism, frame, power transmission system of working parts and material turning working parts. In order to realize the flipping of multiple fermentation tanks, trough turning machine should be combined with shifter. The traveling track of the turning machine is installed on both sides of the fermentation tank. The traveling system of the turning machine is powered by the traveling motor, which drives the traveling wheel to move up and down on the track by transmission. While the trough turning machine is advancing, the blades on the working parts rotate to throw the lower material in fermentation upward and crush it. The trough type turning machine makes the material fully contact with the air in the process of throwing up the material. At the same time, it can adjust the moisture and temperature of the stack, so as to promote microbial fermentation. The turning machine moves on the track and completes the flipping process.
fermentation tanktrough turning machine

The organic fertilizer production equipment adopts the trough type turning machine, which can greatly improve the composting fermentation speed, increase the oxygen content of the fermentation material, and make the air evenly contact each part of the material, and the composting effect is ideal. In addition to trough fermentation, organic fertilizer also has stack fermentation, which is described in detail in this article: Composting fermentation technology and turning equipment.