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Price of small ground walking windrow turner

The small-scale ground walking windrow turner produced by our company is an organic fertilizer production equipment for composting treatment. The machine improves the single cylinder high horsepower and cab, which can realize high, medium and low-speed stacker turning according to the size of physical moisture, and the stacker shaft can automatically rise and fall.

The FDJ-L walking type windrow turner can be mixed 500-1000 cubic meters per hour. It can be folded into more than 160-200 tons of fertilizer. In a plant with a daily output of 30 tons of finished organic fertilizer, workers only need to operate the machine for more than ten minutes. The energy consumption per ton of fertilizer is less than 1kW, and the labor consumption is less. The finished fertilizer has a good price advantage.

Fertilizer manufacturing process of aerobic fermentation
In the production of organic fertilizer, the advanced fermentation technology is microbial aerobic fermentation. The walking windrow turner produced by our factory is designed according to the principle of aerobic fermentation, so that the fermentation bacteria have the space to give full play to their functions. If the oxygen in the compost is insufficient, anaerobic state will be formed in the compost, which will not give full play to the function of fermentation bacteria, and will also affect the quality of fertilizer and its production cycle.

windrow turner
The windrow turner is more suitable for the mechanism and process requirements of microbial fermentation materials, and can effectively mix the viscous materials with microbial agents and straw powder. It creates a better aerobic environment for material fermentation. Under this loose material property, the material is heated in two days, deodorized in three days, and composted in 15 days or so, which is not only faster than deep tank fermentation, but also effectively prevents the production of harmful and stinking gases such as hydrogen sulfide, amine gas, indole, etc. in the fermentation process, which not only meets the requirements of environmental protection, but also produces good bio organic fertilizer

There are various models of organic fertilizer turner, suitable for viscous substances such as materials, filter mud, furfural, straw, grass, mushroom planting, etc. It can meet the needs of organic fertilizer, mushroom planting and other producers. Welcome to know about the price of this machine.