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How to produce and process water soluble fertilizer

With the development of agriculture and the increase of grain yield, the demand of fertilizer is also increasing. However, as a result of long-term continuous cropping, some single quality elements of soil nutrition are missing, which leads to the decrease of crop yield instead of increase. This requires the fertilizer factory to adapt to local conditions and produce a wide range of bio organic fertilizer. Among them, water-soluble fertilizer is more popular among farmers. This is because water-soluble fertilizer will change when it meets water, and the fertilizer effect will last for a long time.
So how to produce water-soluble fertilizer? What type of fertilizer granulator machine can be used for granulation?

Why fertilizer manufacturers like to produce water-soluble fertilizer
Water soluble fertilizer is a kind of quick acting fertilizer with good water solubility and no residue. It can be completely dissolved in water and can be directly absorbed and utilized by crop roots and leaves. With the application of water and fertilizer, the integration of water and fertilizer has been realized. Its effective absorption rate is more than twice as high as that of ordinary fertilizer, reaching 80% - 90%. Moreover, the fertilizer effect is fast, which can solve the nutritional demand of high-yield crops in the rapid growth period. The water demand of the drip irrigation system is only 30% of that of the common fertilizer, and the fertilization operation can hardly use manpower, which greatly saves the manpower cost.

Fertilizer granulator for granulation of water soluble fertilizer
Due to the low moisture content of water-soluble fertilizer products, fertilizer manufacturers use the way of extrusion granulation in NPK fertilizer production process. In the production process of double roller fertilizer granulator, the way of physical extrusion is used to granulate, which has good particle strength, high molding rate, large output and no three wastes. It meets the requirements of modern environmental protection production. In the later stage of NPK fertilizer production process, coating can be carried out as required, or secondary processing can be carried out by using drying equipment.
double roller fertilizer granulator
Water soluble fertilizer particles are suitable for sorghum, millet, soybean, mung bean and other crops. The double roller fertilizer granulator can solve the problem of particle forming smoothly and is widely used in industrial batch production.