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Process and equipment of making fertilizer from plant ash

Plant ash is a kind of fertilizer rich in potassium, which comes from a wide range of sources. The fertilizer manufacturing process of plant ash is mainly as follows: bin, mixing, granulation, screening, packaging, etc. the equipment is connected by conveyor. The plant ash is very simple to make fertilizer. The main equipment used is fertilizer granulator machine, mixer and screening machine.

In order to give full play to the fertilizer effect of plant ash and achieve good effect, it is necessary to understand its characteristics and use it scientifically and reasonably. In fact, it is not difficult. Generally speaking, attention should be paid to the following aspects during application:

1. The plant ash contains more potassium salt, especially potassium carbonate, followed by potassium sulfate, and a small amount of potassium chloride, so it belongs to physiological alkaline fertilizer. Therefore, when using plant ash, do not mix it with ammonium nitrogen fertilizer or organic fertilizer such as human excrement and urine. The best way is to use it alone, so as to improve the fertilizer efficiency as much as possible.

2. Because more than 90% of the potassium fertilizer contained in the ash is soluble in water, the ash is a quick-acting potash. It is also granulated by the double roller fertilizer granulator, which also helps to delay the fertilizer. Therefore, the plant ash can be used as a base fertilizer and a seed fertilizer, or as a top dressing. In addition, its aqueous solution can also be used as a root top dressing.
Plant ashdouble roller fertilizer granulator

3. Although the plant ash can be applied in holes and strips, it is better to apply it intensively. When applied, the depth is generally 8-10cm, and the upper edge shall be covered with soil after application. The amount of plant ash per mu is generally about 30-50kg. In order to prevent the ash from flying, it can be sprayed with less water during application, or mixed with a certain amount of wet soil before application.