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The prilling way of NPK compound fertilizer by roller granulator

Double roller extrusion granulator is an important machine for the production of organic fertilizer and NPK compound fertilizer, which plays a very important role in the fertilizer production industry. In our usual industrial production activities, there are various ways of fertilizer granulator. In order to help you better understand the granulation process of NPK fertilizer production line, let's explain how roller granulator realizes fertilizer granulation.

Roller press granulator equipment is the use of pressure to make the solid materials agglomerate together, and then by squeezing the materials by two reverse rotating rollers, which are driven by eccentric sleeve or hydraulic system. When a solid material is extruded, the air between the powder particles is first removed to rearrange the particles so as to eliminate the gap between the materials.
roller granulator

The above is a detailed introduction about the granulation method of the fertilizer roller granulator. You can know more about it. There are many methods of organic fertilizer and NPK fertilizer pelleting. The extrusion granulation method can be said to be a commonly used one, so we have to deal with this The method is more familiar. Only in this way can the granulation quality of the npk fertilizer roller granulator be guaranteed.