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Problem and solution of excessive noise in the work of fertilizer disc granulator

Disc granulator is used for granulating in the fertilizer industry and process field. It rotates its disc body to granulate materials, the granules are spherical, and the appearance is smooth, which is convenient for use and storage. During the operation of NPK fertilizer production line, the noise of disc granulation machine is too loud. There are four common reasons for failure:

1.The fan blade of the equipment is reversed, the heating pipe is damaged, and the heating pipe wire is burnt;
2.Screws on pelletizer parts are loose; bearings need to be greased;
3.The machine is not stable during installation;
4.The granulator temperature is too high or too low.

The one-to-one solutions are:
1.Commission the disc granulator to stabilize the temperature in the disc. After the comparison, switch the power supply, 2. Place the disc pelletizer stably, grease the bearings of the granulator to lubricate, tighten some loose screws, or replace the bearings.
disc granulator machine

Possible reasons for the decrease of pelleting efficiency and output of disc granulator machine

1.The wear of the disc and barrel surface increases the inner diameter of the barrel, which results in the increase of the residual amount of pelletizing materials and the weakening of pelletizing when the resistance of the head and the splitter plate is unchanged, thus the efficiency of pelletizing decreases. As a result, the discs and drums were repaired.

2.The corrosion of materials to disc and barrel will also accelerate the wear of disc and barrel. Judge the material properties.
3.Metal material mixed into the disc, destroying the disc.