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Slow release fertilizer granulator machine to produce agricultural granular fertilizer

The nutrients of slow-release fertilizer are chemicalized or in some physical state, so that their nutrients are more effective to plants. Slow-release fertilizers are present in the soil as solid particles, and nutrients are released slowly. Our company has designed a fertilizer granulator machine to specialize in the production of this agricultural slow-release granular fertilizer. This fertilizer granulator machine is a rotary drum granulator, suitable for granulation of various NPK compound fertilizers.

Slow-release fertilizers also include natural organic fertilizers processed by NPK fertilizer production, such as ammoniated humic acid fertilizers, dried activated sludge and fertilizers processed from agricultural wastes containing crop nutrients. Moreover, nitrification inhibitors and urine enzyme inhibitors can prolong fertilizer efficiency. In a word, slow-release fertilizer includes many kinds of fertilizers, which can be granulated by slow-release fertilizer granulator to prolong fertilizer efficiency.

Types of slow-release fertilizers
1) Slow-release fertilizer can control the release of phosphorus fertilizer. There are mainly phosphate rock powder, alkaline slag, defluorinated phosphate fertilizer, bone powder, dicalcium phosphate, magnesium ammonium phosphate, calcium metaphosphate and potassium metaphosphate.

2) Slow-release fertilizer can control the release of nitrogen fertilizer. Mainly include: 1. slightly soluble substance urea formaldehyde (UF), oxalic acid amide, magnesium ammonium phosphate (MagAmp), etc.; 2. water soluble slow release fertilizer thiol thiourea (GUS), decyl phosphourea (GUP); 3. coating Soluble material containing sulfur urea (SCU), polymer coated fertilizer; 4 nitrification inhibitor.

3) Slow release fertilizer can control the release of potassium fertilizer. There are mainly potassium polyphosphate, potassium polyphosphate, and potassium sulphate.

Slow release fertilizer rotary drum granulator
Slow-release fertilizer rotary drum granulator for granulation stage of npk fertilizer production, the main working mode is wet granulation. By means of a certain amount of water or steam and the rotating motion of the barrel, the basic fertilizer is fully mixed in the barrel and chemical reactions occur, and the extrusion force between the particles of the material is produced to agglomerate into pellets. Slow-release fertilizer rotary drum granulator has the advantages of simple operation, strong production capacity and long service life.