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The production of organic fertilizer granulator must comply with regulations

There are many precautions when using organic fertilizer granulator. Blindly assembling the organic fertilizer production line is not a problem. For future production, it is necessary to train professionals in organic fertilizer granulator. At the same time, after the organic fertilizer granulator fails, the maintenance personnel are required to obtain the maintenance conditions immediately.

In view of various problems that may appear in the equipment, the compliance method must be adopted in the production of organic fertilizer pelletizer. The following are the precautions for using organic fertilizer granulator:
Be familiar with the operation method, maintenance essentials, production capacity and application range of organic fertilizer granulator machine; be familiar with the functions of each controller and alarm device; read the "warning" instructions carefully; pay attention to the continuous use of organic fertilizer granulator; operate under low pressure and high temperature environment. Accidents may occur during peration.

The production of organic fertilizer depends on the operators' careful operation and mastering the technical performance of the equipment. Therefore, the operator is familiar with the operation requirements of the organic fertilizer machine, the potential safety hazards and preventive measures at the operation site, so as to ensure the safe and stable operation of the organic fertilizer production line.