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Application of roller granulator and granule pressing

In the organic fertilizer manufacturing machine, the working principle of the double roller extrusion granulator is not as well known as the flat die pellet mill. The ring with die groove on the inner circumference of the double roller granulator rolls on two driving supporting rollers. There is a pressing wheel whose diameter is smaller than the ring. It rolls in the mold groove as a pressing tool. The pressing wheel is elastic support and obtains the required pressing pressure by hydraulic pressure.

In the process of fertilizer production, the feed is added to the mold groove in front of the pressing wheel of the double roller granulator, which is pressed into a continuous annular strip. There may be nicks on the belt due to bumps on the surface of the rollers. The compressed strip is constantly moved out of the die slot by a stripping tool or paper. When the roller with groove on the surface is applied, the strip is broken into lumps. When the smooth surface is used for indentation, the strip is broken into an arbitrary shape of briquette.

The ring die pellet mill has one or two die grooves, so its production capacity is less than that of the traditional double roller press granulator. Presumably, this is because in these ring roll presses that have been developed, the change of the press roll is small (therefore , The total die groove width is also small).
roller granulator

Usage of roller press granulator:

1. The granulator should be started without load, and it is strictly forbidden to start with material.
2. It is strictly forbidden to enter the material with iron block to avoid breaking the roller shaft.
3. Apply yellow dry oil to the gear before starting up.
4. The chains and sprockets of fertilizer manufacturing equipment should be yellowed with dry oil every 7 days.
5. The bearing seat should be refilled or replaced with new yellow dry oil every three months.
6. The gear oil must be added once before the reducer is used before it can be used in production. Change the gear oil every four months.