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Reason and solution of roller sticking in double roller extrusion granulator

In the process of using double roller extrusion granulator, it is inevitable to encounter various problems, among which the most troubling one is the material sticking to the roller in the granulation of roller press granulator. The following fertilizer manufacturing equipment manufacturers will introduce the causes of material sticking to rollers and solutions:
double roller extrusion granulator

Reason 1: The material contains too much moisture.
Solution: Reduce the moisture content of the material. Generally, the moisture requirement of straw forming such as corn and straw should be controlled between 5%-30%.

Reason 2: The pressure strength of the ball billet is not enough.
Solution: Reduce the gap between the two rolls of the roller granulator, generally controlled between 0.3-1mm.

Reason 3: the surface of the new nest of double roller press granulator is rough.
Solution: run roller extrusion granulator, add abrasives to grind roll skin.