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Organic fertilizer production project and workshop configuration

The traditional livestock and poultry breeding mode has a great impact on the surrounding ecological environment. How to solve this problem? Carry out ecological breeding mode and take a new way of green ecological and environmental protection. Relying on the organic fertilizer project, through organic fertilizer production equipment, the high-efficiency circular ecological breeding industry chain is continuously extended.

Workshop configuration of organic fertilizer production project

For example, if the annual output of 5000 tons is calculated as 10 months per year, the monthly production capacity is 500 tons. Each ton of fertilizer needs about 2 square meters of raw materials, then 1000 square meters are needed for a month. If the fermentation time of organic fertilizer is calculated as 15 days, the fermentation workshop needs at least 500 cubic meters of organic fertilizer raw material storage space. Calculated according to the turning height of the ordinary trough compost turning machine of 1 meter, the area where the raw materials need to be stacked is 500 square meters. Generally, 20% of the space is reserved to avoid trouble, so the area of the raw material workshop is 600 square meters.
Organic fertilizer production project and workshop configuration

If you want to further process into commercial organic fertilizer, functional microbial agent or inorganic fertilizer can be added according to market demand, and then processed by organic fertilizer granulator to produce microbial organic fertilizer and organic-inorganic compound fertilizer. After a series of treatment of organic fertilizer production equipment such as granulation, drying, metering and packaging, the organic fertilizer can be sold on the market. The fermented pig manure can also be sold to organic fertilizer plants in the form of organic fertilizer raw materials. In this way, not only the manure waste from farms can be profitable.

In the early construction of organic fertilizer production project, the cost should be considered. The granular organic fertilizer production line needs to add more equipment, larger workshop configuration and more complex process.