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Professional compost turner manufacturers recommend fermentation equipment

At present, due to unreasonable chemical fertilizer variety structure, backward fertilization technology, fertilizer management and other factors, farmland in many countries and regions is hardened and soil acidification, which aggravates the soil non-point source pollution, seriously endangers the quality and safety of agricultural products and hyperthyroidism of consumers. Green food planted by organic fertilizer is favored by people. Organic fertilizer machine has broad market space and development prospects.

Manure composting is a necessary link in organic fertilizer production. We are specialized in the manufacture of fermentation dumper, sheep manure turner machine, cow manure turner, chicken manure turner, livestock manure tipper, trough turning machine, compost windrow turner, self-propelled turning machine, material fermentation equipment, organic fertilizer tipping machine. As a manufacturer of turning machine, here introduces the hot selling turner equipment.

Compost turning machine

As the whole equipment moves forward, the chain plate rotates continuously, so that the materials in the tank can be tossed and transported to the rear for re stacking. After one stroke of operation along the tank, the hydraulic system lifts the overturning part to a height that does not contact with the material, the trolley moves horizontally for a wide distance, and the working frame retreats to the initial end of the fermentation tank, and then the overturning part returns to its original position and goes deep into the tank to start the next operation.
compost turning machine

With an annual output of 5000 tons of organic fertilizer from dairy cattle manure, four 50m long parallel fermentation tanks are needed. The fermentation temperature was 50 ℃ after 1 day and 70 ℃ after 3 days, and kept for two to three weeks.

The compost treated by turner machine has good quality of organic fertilizer and long duration of fertilizer effect of granular fertilizer. The compost after fermentation is pelleted by disc granulator machine, which can be sold at a higher price in the market.