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Why must fertilizer be processed by roller granulator

Roller granulator is widely used in the granulation of powdery materials such as compound fertilizer processing, feed production, chemical industry, etc. It adopts non-drying process and produces NPK compound fertilizer at room temperature. The roller press granulator has the following characteristics. 

A certain proportion of nitrate nitrogen can be granulated by double roller pelletizer. Nitrate nitrogen is widely used because of its rapid action, but it has strong hygroscopicity. It will deliquescence under high temperature and high humidity, which makes the general organic fertilizer manufacturing machine unable to produce. However, there is no temperature rise in the production of double roller pelletizer, and the product does not need heating and drying, so nitrate nitrogen can be added.
roller granulator

Ensure the content of water-soluble phosphorus in the fertilizer. When superphosphate is used as a source of phosphorus or urea is mixed with potassium chloride, the liquid phase of the mixture often increases due to the combined reaction of free acid or fertilizer, and the solution is forced to increase calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, making water-soluble phosphorus unable to reach aims. In the production of roller granulation process equipment, ammonium phosphate and calcium magnesium phosphorus are added according to the standard, and the content of water-soluble phosphorus in the product is within the specified index.