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Investment cost of 20000 t / a organic fertilizer production project

The annual output of 20000 tons of organic fertilizer production project cost is still relatively low. The production of organic fertilizer requires the fermentation of biological bacteria, and the amount of microbial agent is small. Only 1kg of biological bacteria fermentation agent is needed for the fermentation of 1 ton of organic fertilizer raw material, and a small amount of input can produce a ton of bio organic fertilizer meeting the standard.

Organic fertilizer production project should consider market conditions, organic fertilizer production line, organic fertilizer machine, organic fertilizer granulator, organic fertilizer grinder, complete set of organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment. The annual output of 20000 tons of organic fertilizer production equipment covers an area of 1000 square meters, a granulation plant area of 500 square meters, and a fermentation plant area of 1300 square meters.

Process flow of organic fertilizer production line:

20000 t / a organic fertilizer production line project
1. Ground strip pile, use ground compost turning machine. Or put materials in fermentation tank, use trough type turner machine.

2. Evenly sprinkle the bacterial agent, turn over the pile fermentation to achieve warming, deodorization, rotten, killing miscellaneous bacteria grass seeds.

3. Fermentation for 7-12 days, according to the temperature of different places, the number of times of turning is different.

4. Complete fermentation and decomposition, discharge from the pool (ground type, direct collection by forklift truck).

5. Use grading screen for coarse and fine screening, (the screened powder fertilizer can be sold directly).

6. The selected large pieces are crushed by a pulverizer and then returned to the grading screen.

7. The required trace elements are mixed with a premixer.

8. Pelletizing with disc granulator machine.

9. Feed to dryer and cooler.

10. Automatic packaging machine packaging for sale.

The organic fertilizer processed by the organic fertilizer manufacturing equipment meets the standard and the fertilizer effect is good. With the rapid development of chemical fertilizer industry, the utilization rate of organic fertilizer has decreased, but with the rapid development of green organic agricultural food, organic fertilizer has been favored by the agricultural field again.