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Large range of raw material particle size matched by roller granulator

Fertilizer roller extrusion granulator is an organic fertilizer machine which continues to be renewed and rebuilt with the development of agriculture, the improvement of technology and the diversity of demands. The new type of organic fertilizer granulator can realize the diversified selection of materials. After effective fermentation, all kinds of organic matters can be granulated through the granulator.

Raw material size

Extrusion granulation has no special requirements on the particle size of raw materials. 1-4mm granular materials and fine powder materials can be used. For unqualified powder materials and powder products, roller press granulator can be used for granulation, and the cost can be reduced by using powder materials.

Compound fertilizer roller extrusion granulator breaks the limitation and obstruction of traditional process, and NPK fertilizer production line does not need to crush and dry raw materials before granulation, which can directly realize batching processing and direct granulation. It not only saves a small amount of power input, but also effectively reduces the cost, and greatly improves the task efficiency, which is convenient and fast.

Installation of fertilizer roller granulator

After the roller extrusion granulator arrives at the plant, the pelletizer is taken as the main machine, which is determined according to the number of units, and is installed in combination with the granulation process flow chart to find out the elevation and horizontal placement. The frame of this machine has corner holes, which can be installed on the concrete (the vibration fixing momentum is not large, and it does not need to be very solid on the concrete foundation).

Application range of small roller press granulator

Roller press granulating machine is suitable for granulation of a variety of raw materials, such as sawdust, rice husk, cotton stalk, cottonseed husk, weeds and other crop straws, domestic waste, factory waste, and material particles with low bonding rate and difficult to shape. It can also be used for granulation without drying of biological fertilizer, organic fertilizer and compound fertilizer.