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Reliable granular organic fertilizer drying equipment reduces losses

Tianci factory designed a tumble dryer based on the overall characteristics of the organic fertilizer manufacturing machine. The combined copy plate of the drum drying machine can strengthen heat exchange, increase the heat transfer area of fertilizer particles and extend the heat transfer time, increase the output of the dryer, and reduce energy consumption.

In order to improve the productivity of dryer, the model with larger diameter and length is usually selected to increase the effective volume of drum and prolong the drying time of materials. Dryers of different specifications must be equipped with matching fuel (coal) furnace for heat supply and induced draft fan with corresponding air volume. In addition, if the fertilizer contains microbial active bacteria, the hot air temperature into the drum dryer should not be too high.

It has become the key to improve the drying efficiency and reduce the investment of fertilizer manufacturing equipment to determine the optimal temperature of hot air and the retention time of materials in the drum dryer through experimental research.