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Pros and Cons of Different Fertilizer Manufacturing Process Technology

In fertilizer manufacturing process technology, granulation is the core technology of production. The suitable granulation methods for different materials are different, so the suitable fertilizer manufacturing process technology is naturally different. Our main product granulator has its own characteristics, and the granulation methods have their own pros and cons.

Extrusion granulation: Decomposed materials with appropriate amount of inorganic fertilizer are extruded into granules by the die of the flat die extrusion granulator and directly packed into bags. Flat die extrusion granulator is strict in material selection and pretreatment. The raw material needs to be adjusted to the appropriate moisture content, and requires fine texture and good cohesion.
The technical characteristics of the flat die extrusion granulator are as follows:
1. The process is simple and the drying link can be omitted.
2. The product has high water content, coarse columnar particles, good granulation and uniform particle size, but it is easy to collapse during storage and transportation.
3. The production capacity is low, the relative power is large, and the equipment is easy to wear.

Disc granulation: Almost all organic materials and inorganic fertilizers can be granulated by disc fertilizer granulator. Material is dried and micro-crushed, then mixed with appropriate amount of fertilizer and fed into the disc. Mixture material is sprayed and bonded by humidifier, wrapped into granules as the disc rotates, and then dried again, sifted and packed in bags.
The characteristics of the disc granulation fertilizer manufacturing process technology are as follows:
1. The material selection is not high, but it needs to be dried and crushed first, and the process is cumbersome.
2. Spherical particles have low granulation rate and relatively not smooth enough.
3. The disc fertilizer granulator has moderate production capacity and small power requirement.
disc fertilizer granulator

Drum steam granulation: By designing a unique granulator in the drum and using the principle of collision and mosaic of material particles, the process realizes direct granulation of high humidity organic materials.
The characteristics of the fertilizer manufacturing process technology are as follows:
1. It has wide application scope and no special requirements for materials.
2. The process is simple, eliminating two pretreatment processes of drying and crushing, and producing directly on the machine.
3. Spherical particles, high granulation rate, good appearance of goods.