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Details to be noticed in installation of biofertilizer production plant

As the main machine of biofertilizer production, we will inevitably encounter some troubles in the process of using the biofertilizer production plant. The unstable operation of the machine will seriously affect the progress of bio-organic fertilizer production. Pre-installation of biofertilizer production plant is a major factor, if installed incorrectly, it will lead to poor operation of the machine, or even can not be used. As fertilizer machine manufacturers, what details should be paid attention to when installing biological fertilizer production equipment are introduced below.

1. When the new biofertilizer production plant is installed, for some parts which are easy to wear in future production, we should communicate with fertilizer producers in advance, so that they can be conveniently maintained and repaired in future production. And manufacturers should inform the replacement interval of these parts, so as to facilitate their timely replacement, so as not to affect production.

2. When the new biofertilizer production line was first installed, we didn't know whether the installed equipment was completely stable, especially the large heavy equipment such as organic fertilizer granulator, rotary drum granulator and dryer machine. This requires the installation of the master carefully check the installation of some parts are loose or fall off.

3. When installing equipment, we must pay attention to the safety of personnel, because these equipment are made of stainless steel, and then the equipment itself is very large. So when installing, we must pay attention to the personal safety of installers.
biofertilizer production plantbiofertilizer production plant

4. When installing auxiliary equipment in fertilizer equipment, especially when installing material crusher, the foundation must be neatened. Otherwise, when crushing material in production, the machine will move, which will seriously threaten the safety of workers. After foundation consolidation and leveling, the equipment should also be fixed to avoid dangerous situations.

5. After the installation of the whole biofertilizer production plant, it must be debugged and commissioned by the personnel, so that the fertilizer production enterprises can carry out production, so as to better ensure the safety of production and fertilizer quality.