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Three Reasons for Purchasing fertilizer manufacturing process plant

Recently, many customers do not know how to choose when ordering a complete set of fertilizer manufacturing process plant in order to achieve the best output of the production line. The fertilizer machine manufacturers reminds you that there are several key points to pay attention to when purchasing complete fertilizer equipment: determine the production capacity of the equipment: for example, how many tons per year the fertilizer granulator machine can produce, or how many tons per hour, and then determine the price through specifications.

Our complete set of fertilizer equipment models are divided into: annual output of 10,000 tons, 20,000 tons, 30,000 tons, 50,000 tons and many other models. Fertilizer manufacturing process plant has many advantages in treating raw materials. Here the fertilizer machine manufacturers outlines three reasons for purchasing fertilizer equipment.

1. Fertilizer manufacturing process plant are widely used and have high conversion efficiency for users. The benefits of fertilizer equipment are mainly embodied in the following aspects: suitable for farms, pharmaceutical factories, rural sludge and various organic fertilizer factories.
fertilizer manufacturing process plant

2. The structure of fertilizer manufacturing process is compact. The application of harmless live bacteria preparation in the treatment of livestock and poultry manure has advanced fertilizer production technology. Bio-fermentation is carried out under the action of many beneficial microorganisms. After fully decomposing the organic matter and releasing nutrients, the bio-heat and high temperature fermentation process can kill pathogens and insect eggs, remove poisons and odors, purify the environment, achieve harmlessness, resource utilization and industrialization, low energy consumption and stable product quality.

3. The energy consumption of fertilizer manufacturing process plant is low. Fertilizer granulation equipment covers a small area. Fertilizer production has zero pollution, good aeration during fermentation, deodorization only takes 1-2 days. Using the unique biochemical process, nearly 50 kinds of beneficial bacteria and amino acids and vitamins which can promote the production of plants can be cultivated. Through the unique activation system, the biological system can reproduce and decompose in the soil from time to time, release a large number of nutrients for plant absorption, and improve the structure of soil aggregates and soil fertility. As a result, the balance between quick-acting and long-acting is achieved.