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Processing Method of cow dung organic fertilizer manufacturing process

Cattle are livestock with a variety of economic values. With the development of animal husbandry, the number of cattle is increasing. Because cattle have a large amount of food, more feces and urine are discharged every day than other livestock and poultry, and more nutrients are accordingly discharged. Therefore, cow feces and urine are also an important source of fertilizer in agricultural production. In terms of composition, cow dung is mainly composed of cellulose, hemicellulose, protein and its decomposition products and various inorganic salts, with moderate nutrient content. The cow dung organic fertilizer manufacturing process can recycle waste and improve the environment.
cow dung organic fertilizer manufacturing

Cow dung organic fertilizer manufacturing process equipment has completed all the work from raw material fermentation to granular production. The raw materials are stacked in fermentation tank and then added with fermentation bacteria. The turning operation is carried out regularly with a turning machine. When the raw material is ripe, it is crushed by an organic fertilizer crusher and sent to a mixer for mixing. Next, other auxiliary materials and water are added to the organic materials. They are stirred together in the mixer, and the auxiliary materials are added as appropriate to meet the requirements of the organic fertilizer indicators. The new type organic fertilizer granulator has good granulating effect, which reduces the production cost. The high yield of granulated products and uniform granules make the final return of organic fertilizer production line less.

Organic fertilizer particles are dried by hot air in the dryer, and the moisture content of the particles is greatly reduced. Then the particles are cooled by air cooling in the cooler, and the condensed water is directly pumped away by the huge air volume of the exhaust fan. Particles enter the drum screener machine for next screening. Finally, the product is made into organic fertilizer for different crops, such as flower fertilizer, crop fertilizer and so on.
cow dung organic fertilizer manufacturing process

The development of complete equipment of cow dung organic fertilizer manufacturing process has made cow manure waste into treasure, improved the environment, reduced pests and diseases, and played an immeasurable role in breeding and planting.