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Purchasing guide for complete set of biofertilizer production equipment

The rational application of bio organic fertilizer can not only bring into play the greater benefits of organic fertilizer, meet the needs of nutrients, improve the quality of its output, but also improve the physical and chemical properties of the soil and improve the soil fertility. So how should fertilizer manufacturers buy biofertilizer production equipment?

1. Reasonable supply of raw materials and bio-fertilizer production process is the premise of purchasing a complete set of bio-organic fertilizer equipment. Because the raw materials of bio organic fertilizer are some wastes that pollute the environment, the raw materials are very cheap. When purchasing equipment, many factors should be considered, such as raw material moisture and impurity content of biological fertilizer. In particular, some hard impurities in raw materials entering into the fertilizer granulator machine will increase the load of the machine and affect the normal operation of the machine.

2. Considering these factors, the biofertilizer production process should be equipped with some auxiliary impurity removal equipment to ensure the normal operation of each process equipment. According to the process requirements, determine the type of equipment required, and determine the equipment specifications according to the needs of customers. Generally speaking, the output of complete set of biofertilizer production equipment ranges from 5000 tons to 50000 tons per year. Users can determine the production capacity of fertilizer granulator machine according to their needs, and purchase production lines of different scales.
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3. After doing a good job of market research, determine the production scale of biological fertilizer we need. Determine appropriate production scale based on market prospect and raw material supply. Production capacity is the basis of selection and purchase of complete set of biofertilizer production equipment, and price is an important factor affecting equipment purchase. Considering the subsequent operation and production of the plant, it is necessary to allocate funds reasonably and do a good job in budgeting.

In the current market, fierce competition has reduced the profits of fertilizer machine manufacturers, and the price difference between manufacturers will not be too big. Therefore, we should consider the quality of the machine, and it is necessary to conduct field inspection on the equipment manufacturers in the purchase stage. As  fertilizer machine manufacturers, we provides professional fertilizer production equipment and bio organic fertilizer production project.