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Recommend cost-effective Chinese windrow turner

Windrow turner is widely used in various industries. The walking turner machine designed by Tianci fertilizer equipment company leads the Chinese dumper market. Tianci compost turning machine is based on the brand of China's turning machine industry, with high quality and low price, various equipment models, and the turning width from 2.3m to 3m.

Application of windrow turner machine

1. Windrow turner is specially used for the fertilizer manufacturing process requirements of microbial aerobic fermentation, which can effectively mix viscous fermentation materials, microbial fermentation agents and straw powder. Under this loose material property, the fermented material is heated within 45 hours, deodorized in a short time, and becomes a fertilizer in about 12 days. Not only is it faster than the deep tank fermentation, but it also effectively prevents hydrogen sulfide, amine gas, and indigo during the fermentation process. The production of harmful and malodorous gases such as indole meets the requirements of environmental protection and produces better organic fertilizers.

2. The compost turner machine has reasonable structure, good steel property, balanced force, simple, safe and reliable performance, easy to operate, strong adaptability to the site. It is composed of thick frame and national standard parts, easy to use and maintain.

3. Stir the fermentation materials evenly and thoroughly, so that the bacteria and raw materials are in full contact, and then promote the fermentation materials to thoroughly mature.

4. The operation design of the windrow turning machine saves a lot of civil and human and material engineering, making the scale of fertilizer making more flexible. The machine can turn over 400-500 cubic meters of fermentation materials per hour, and convert 160-200 tons of synthetic fertilizer. It is suitable for organic fertilizer plants with an annual output of 20,000-50,000 tons, and only one driver is required for use.
compost windrow turner

Introduction to the structure of windrow turner

The locomotive body is equipped with a cab, a hydraulic pump station, a hydraulic oil pipe connection, a hydraulic motor and a lifting device. The function of the utility model is: the main body of the tipping bucket device is a long bucket body, the bottom of the supporting bucket body is a transparent rectangular opening, the lower part of the head plates at both ends of the bucket body is provided with a mounting hole, in the mounting hole are installed two parallel thorns matching the length of the bucket body, the ends of the two thorns are provided with gears which are interlocked with each other, and the ends of one thorns are connected with a power source. The prick teeth of the two prick rollers are installed alternately and there is a certain gap. The size of the two prick rollers after installation matches the size of the rectangular opening at the bottom of the bucket. When you operate the solenoid valve, the two prick rollers rotate at the same time, so that the materials in the bucket are thrown out from the gap between the two prick rollers and the two long sides of the rectangular opening, so as to achieve the effect of material crushing, mixing and throwing.

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