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How to adjust the extrusion gap of double roller granulator

Double roller extrusion granulator is an important equipment of NPK compound fertilizer granulation, which is combined with the corresponding fertilizer equipment to form a small NPK fertilizer production process. In the production of double roll extrusion granulator, it is sometimes necessary to increase the output or the bite angle. At this time, the distance between the two pressing shafts can be increased. The distance between the active shaft roller and the passive shaft can be increased. The steps are as follows: stop the machine, remove the glands at both ends of the passive shaft, rotate the two internal eccentric sleeves in the same direction, one position at a time, and the rollers cannot collide with each other.

Adjustment of double roller extrusion granulator

1.Installation: after the roller extrusion granulator arrives at the plant, the granulator is taken as the main machine, which depends on the number of units, and is installed in coordination with the granulation process flow chart to find out the elevation and horizontal placement. The machine frame has corner holes, which can be installed on the concrete.

2.Commissioning: after the installation of dry rolling granulator, the machine to be commissioned shall meet the production requirements of fertilizer. Under normal circumstances, debugging sessions are:

Adjust the press roll gap of double roller fertilizer granulator

1. Adjustment of press roll gap: adjust the gap between driven shaft and step according to production roll drive shaft. Stop and remove the gland at both ends of the driven shaft. When the two parts are newly set in the same rotation direction, the rollers between the two rollers will not collide.

2. External adjustment of socket: axis adjustment: unload the shaft piece of drive shaft, rotate eccentric, eccentric displacement and promote the correspondence of driving roller shaft. Adjustment of circumferential positioning: loosen the passive gear and adjusting bolt to separate the slight adjusting sleeve and passive gear, and roll to see the purpose of adjustment.
double roller press granulator

In fact, the installation and commissioning process of the double roll extrusion granulator is simple, but attention should be paid to the use of no-load start-up, pay attention to regular maintenance of the machine, only in this way can we ensure the maximum use of the machine and bring greater economic benefits to fertilizer manufacturers. In addition to fertilizer granulator, Tianci fertilizer equipment factory provides a variety of fertilizer production equipment, organic fertilizer fermentation equipment, compost windrow turner, rotary dryer, cooler, screening machine.