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Ring die granulator biofertilizer production advantage

Ring die granulator can be used as organic fertilizer granulator and biofertilizer granulator. Its main advantages in biofertilizer production are: small wear, simple operation, convenient maintenance in the later period, high yield, less maintenance and low energy consumption. Ring die extrusion granulator has unique advantages among many fertilizer equipments, which can highlight its main advantages, mainly reflected in the following and several aspects, so let's follow the professional manufacturers to understand it!
organic fertilizer ring die granulator

Ring die granulator biofertilizer production advantage
From the point of view of fertilizer particle size, although the material can depend on its own water size to adjust the size of fertilizer particle diameter. But there will still be different sizes of particles, so the real need for solid spherical particles need to be screened after drying. In this respect, its advantages will be smaller than the disc granulator equipment, so the ring die granulator equipped with the ball shaping machine for polishing and shaping, the uniformity of particles is high.

For materials with high crude fiber content, the forming difficulty is very great. Conventional biofertilizer granulator mainly forms centrifugal force by rotating, and then adheres to each other by the moisture of the material to form spherical particles. There is no external force factor in the middle. However, the density of the crude fiber material is light, the adhesion is poor, and the molding is difficult. Its inherent characteristics, so relying solely on centrifugal rotary rolling, the pressure of the ball is very large. If you want to be smooth into spherical particles, you must add liquid or adhesive materials, and if there are limits or user approval criteria, you can only use other related equipment. The organic fertilizer ring die granulator is very suitable for granulation molding in this case.

Ring die extrusion granulator is not suitable for smallyield biofertilizer production because of its own power and suitable distance to run into a ball. Small yield biofertilizer production granulation wastes power, and because the amount is relatively small, the chance of bonding between the granulators is small, and the probability of fertilizer becoming a ball is greatly reduced.