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Construction Principles of Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Process Projects

Organic fertilizer manufacturing process projects are suitable for China and international market, and fertilizer equipment is suitable for large, medium and small enterprises in various countries. China Tianci Fertilizer Machine Manufacturers provides professional organic fertilizer manufacturing process equipment, providing equipment price quotes and detailed parameters. The organic fertilizer manufacturing process project we designed has the following advantages:
First, the construction period is short.
Second, the return is relatively high.
Third, the risk is small. Usually, the cost can be recovered in one year and high profits can be generated.

Construction Principles of Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Process Projects
As professional fertilizer machine manufacturers, our equipment experts always take the interests of customers as our best interests, the needs of customers as our greatest needs, and always take customers as the prevailing criteria to seek benefits for customers and save investment. Every organic fertilizer production line plan tries to meet customers'greatest needs according to their existing conditions.

Organic fertilizer manufacturing process experts believe that the formulation of organic fertilizer manufacturing process should follow the following principles: resource characteristics, soil conditions, local main species, plant structure, site conditions, etc.
The best way to build a bio-organic fertilizer plant is to take into account the local resources, market capacity and coverage radius. The annual output of the plant is generally 4-300,000 tons. Small-scale new plants with an annual output of 1-4 million tons are suitable, medium-sized plants have an annual output of 50,000-80,000 tons, and large-scale plants have an annual output of 9-15 thousand tons.
Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing Process Projects

Characteristics of Organic Fertilizer Equipment:
1. Wide applicability of raw materials: It is suitable for direct granulation of crude fiber organic waste with about 30% water content such as livestock manure, sugar mill sludge, municipal sludge, paper sludge, distiller's grains, straw, and grass charcoal after fermentation. The organic fertilizer granulator can produce pure organic fertilizer, organic inorganic fertilizer and biological organic fertilizer of spherical particles.

2. The pelletizing rate and the survival rate of biological bacteria are high: organic fertilizer granulator can make the pelletizing rate reach 90-95%, and the new drying technology of low temperature and large air volume can make the survival rate of microbial bacteria reach more than 90%.

3. The organic fertilizer manufacturing process projects is short and the operation cost is low. The organic raw materials used in this process need not be pre-treated such as drying and crushing. The process is short and the operation cost is low.