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Using biofertilizer production equipment to makes fertilizer effect remarkable

With the diversification of agriculture, many crops have changed from manual cultivation to regional and intelligent management of chemical farming. In order to save costs, chemical fertilizers, pesticides, antibiotics and herbicides are widely used in agricultural production. Although the production cost is saved and the production process is shortened, this industry is still in a state of great need. The only advantage of short-term crop production is that the volume of crop is bigger and the price is lower, but the taste and nutrient content of the product will be greatly reduced, and long-term application of chemical fertilizers and herbicides will make the land hardened, which has a very poor impact on the future development of agriculture. Tianci fertilizer machine manufacturers provides the biofertilizer production process to solve the fertilizer problem.
product effect of biofertilizer production equipment

Biofertilizer and organic fertilizer are more and more respected because they contain a variety of organic acids, including nitrogen, phosphorus, potassium and organic nutrients. Fertilizers manufactured by compost turner, fertilizer granulator machine, rotary drum dryer and other biofertilizer production equipment can not only provide comprehensive nutrition for crops, but also have long fertilizer efficiency. They can increase and renew soil organic matter, promote microbial reproduction, improve soil physical and chemical properties and biological activity, is the main nutrient for green food production.

Biofertilizer production equipment processing organic fertilizer is conducive to the direct absorption and utilization of crops. After biofertilizer is converted into organic matter, it can be used by plants, increase the utilization rate of chemical fertilizer, increase the efficiency of chemical fertilizer, eliminate soil compaction, improve soil aggregate structure, increase soil permeability and reduce soil loss; improve the content of soil organic matter; not only protect the environment, but also create drops continue to produce stable, high-yield soil environments.

The products of biofertilizer production equipment have sustained and stable fertilizer efficiency. Maintaining a certain nutritional growth during the fruiting period of crops, achieving both nutrition and reproductive growth, is not only conducive to increasing the annual yield of perennial crops, crops applying bio-organic fertilizers generally show strong plant growth, increased leaf green, and improved photosynthetic efficiency. Strong post-fertilizer effect, crops are not easy to pull and extend harvest time. The principle of increasing production: increase the seed setting rate and seed solidity, and improve the grain yield in the later period.