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Roller granulator extrudes graphite particles for granulate

The compound fertilizer roller extrusion granulator has no obvious effect on the economic scale of the extrusion granulation device. The production capacity of one granulator ranges from 1.5 t/h to 3.5 t/h, so it can be economically designed by multiple machines, so it can be applied to a wide range of capacity.

Roller granulator has no special requirements for the particle size of raw materials. 3mm, 3.5mm, 4mm granular materials and fine powder materials can be used. Unqualified powder materials and powder products are better used. Using powder materials can reduce the cost. The fertilizer granulation equipment is also suitable for graphite granulation.

Roller extrusion granulator barrel

A metal cylinder is generally made of alloy steel with high heat resistance, high compressive strength, strong wear resistance and corrosion resistance or composite steel pipe lined with alloy steel. The barrel and screw cooperate to crush, soften, melt, plasticize, exhaust and compact the plastics, and continuously and evenly transport the compound fertilizer to the molding system. Generally, the length of the barrel is 15-30 times of its diameter, so that the material can be fully heated.
Hopper of compound fertilizer extrusion granulator: the bottom of the hopper is equipped with a cutting device to adjust and cut off the material flow, and the side of the hopper is equipped with a sight hole and a calibration metering device.
Head and die of compound fertilizer extrusion granulator: the head is composed of alloy steel inner sleeve and carbon steel outer sleeve, and forming die is installed in the head.
graphite roller granulator

As an organic fertilizer manufacturing machine, the double roller press granulator has short process flow and low operation cost. In the process of pelleting fertilizer, graphite and other powdery materials by using twin roll extrusion granulator, the raw materials do not need drying, crushing and other pre-treatment, so the operation cost is low, which is especially suitable for dry granulation.