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How to use organic fertilizer machine to ferment moist chicken manure compost

With the development of intensive breeding technology, some large-scale chicken farms in order to improve the breeding efficiency, cage mode gradually developed. In this mode, the water content of chicken manure is usually very high, and the more water the chicken drinks, the thinner the manure
However, when using a compost turning machine to ferment organic fertilizer, the moisture content of chicken manure is required to be about 60%. The water content is too high, which has become a difficult problem for many chicken farms to ferment. Here, the manufacturer of the organic fertilizer granulator will sum up the following solutions for you.

1. Mix other straw excipients

Use auxiliary materials with higher lignin content, one is to adjust the water content, and the other is to adjust the carbon-nitrogen ratio of chicken manure, so that the carbon-nitrogen ratio of the total material is close to the range of 25:1. The price of the auxiliary materials is usually the same as the local abundance. For the degree, choose the materials with high lignin content such as mushroom residue, straw, litter, peanut shell, etc.

2. Add new material into the original material to neutralize the moisture

If the local auxiliary materials are expensive and difficult to find, after the fermentation of the first batch of chicken manure, some supplementary materials can be used to reduce the amount of auxiliary materials by more than half, and then the old materials are mixed with the new materials, the water content is adjusted to about 60%, and then the compost turning machine is used for fermentation.
chicken manure compost turning machine

Organic fertilizer manufacturing machine
solves the problem of manure pollution in chicken farms. In recent years, the breeding industry has developed rapidly, and the manure has seriously polluted the environment, so it is urgent to solve the problem. The combination of biotechnology and engineering technology can solve the problems of long fermentation time and uneven fermentation of poultry manure, prevent secondary pollution, and achieve the purpose of efficient and harmless treatment of livestock manure.