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How to operate the cage urea fertilizer crushing equipment

When using organic fertilizer machine, we should understand the rules of use, abide by the operation rules and avoid failure. Cage crusher is a common pulverizing equipment in fertilizer production. This paper introduces how to operate cage crusher.

Operation precautions
1. Before starting, check whether the drive belt between the main shaft and motor of urea crusher is properly tightened, and check whether the pulley and groove can be shared. The outer end face of the pulley shall be in the same plane.

2. Check whether some connecting bolts of cage crusher unit can be tightened and whether power cord is protruding. Whether the motor shaft and the smashed motor shaft can be parallel.

3. Check whether the active pumping of the fertilizer equipment will change the sensitivity. If not, be sure to open the machine cavity to check whether there is debris in the cavity of the urea grinder.

4. Clean up the debris around the fertilizer manufacturing equipment, and do not put the repaired items on the grinder.

5. After starting, the fertilizer equipment must work smoothly before starting the fan motor. If the cage grinder makes noise after starting, it must be shut down and inspected in time to prevent the motor from crushing or burning.

6. During normal operation, the work of the crusher shall be paid attention to at any time to ensure that the materials are uniformly fed when there is no equipment transportation.