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Organic fertilizer machine manufacturers tell you how to fertilize greenhouse vegetables to improve fertilizer efficiency

Now there are many places have begun to use the greenhouse for vegetable cultivation, this method has advantages and disadvantages, such as some vegetables that are not in season can also be planted through the greenhouse, the greenhouse planting method is a high input mode of production, of course, high input also means high income, if you want to achieve high yield of vegetables in the greenhouse, then you have to learn how to do it Fertilize the vegetables in the greenhouse.

There are some differences between the fertilization method of greenhouse vegetables and the usual fertilization method. Now let the organic fertilizer manufacturing machine manufacturer tell you how to improve the fertilizer efficiency of greenhouse vegetables without waste.

1. Early application, deep application and external root application of urea fertilizer increased the utilization rate by 28% compared with shallow application.

2. Deep application of ammonium bicarbonate can increase the utilization rate by 10-30%, 10% higher than shallow application and 7.8% higher than water application.

3. The organic fertilizer compost is decomposed and used as base fertilizer. According to 4000kg of manure, add 100kg of calcium, magnesium and phosphorus, 400kg of broken wheat straw (bran), mix and pile into strips. The compost turning machine is used for processing in the fertilizer plant. The decomposed organic fertilizer is used as base fertilizer in the greenhouse.

4. After concentrated application of calcium phosphate as base fertilizer, open an 8 cm deep trench in the transplanting row, and cover the soil with 4-5 cm after removing the phosphate fertilizer, and then transplant crops in the shallow trench to shorten the distance between the phosphate fertilizer and the crop roots to make up for the phosphorus. Small mobility weakness.
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The above are some tips summarized by the fertilizer roller granulator machine manufacturers for you. The fertilization of vegetables in the greenhouse can be carried out in stages, and there are certain technical requirements for the depth of fertilization. Spreading fertilizer at the appropriate position can improve the absorption of fertilizer by crops, which can save us a sum of cost, and at the same time make the crops reach high yield and harvest You can also get higher profits when you are in the market. Isn't that good.