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Slow release granular fertilizer manufacturing process and equipment suitable for fertilizer enterprises

In the soil, slow-release granular fertilizer releases nutrients slowly and has a long-term fertilizer effect, which can meet the needs of crops for a long time. With the development of science and technology, mature slow-release fertilizer manufacturing process has emerged. With the adoption of various fertilizer manufacturing processes in various fertilizer production enterprises, fertilizer production efficiency has been improved as a whole.
Do you want to produce slow-release granular fertilizer? Do you want to build a fertilizer production line? Zhengzhou Tianci Fertilizer Machine Manufacturers has many years of research and exploration in fertilizer production equipment, and can design a suitable fertilizer manufacturing process according to customer conditions. We design fertilizer manufacturing processes in many countries, special fertilizer manufacturing process to produce granular fertilizers suitable for different regions, to meet the needs of fertilizer processing enterprises.

Characteristics of slow release fertilizer
1. Slow-release fertilizer can reduce the pollution of groundwater. Nitrogen leaching loss not only wastes and increases the cost of agricultural production, but also leads to excessive nitrate in surface water and groundwater, which endangers human health.
2. Slow-release fertilizer can reduce nutrient leaching, volatilization, fixation and denitrification, and effectively reduce the harm of fertilization to the ecological environment.
3 Slow-release fertilizers reduce the volatilization of atmospheric nitrogen, avoiding the release of gases such as nitrous oxide, thereby destroying the ozone layer and causing a greenhouse effect.
4 Slow-release fertilizers increase agricultural labor productivity and reduce the damage of soil structure caused by single fertilizer.

Slow release granular fertilizer manufacturing process
In the granular fertilizer manufacturing process, the fertilizer granulator machine is an important equipment for fertilizer processing. The granulator granulates the nutrient element, so that the physical shape of the fertilizer is granules, and the application of the granule fertilizer to the soil can slowly release the fertilizer effect. Our fertilizer granulator machine include rotary drum granulator, disc granulator, and roller granulator machine, which can be used for fertilizer granulation of different raw materials.