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What are the raw materials for making organic fertilizer

The raw materials for the production of organic fertilizer are extensive, mainly from some wastes, and can be roughly classified into the following categories.

1) Plant residue
Plant waste includes artificial planting of green manure, straw and other litter.

2) Animal excrement
The manure produced by livestock farming is the residue of food after digestion. Its main components are lignin fiber and hemicellulose, amino acids, organic acids and some salts. With the large-scale development of livestock and poultry farming, manure produced by farming is an important source of organic fertilizer manufacturing.
Raw Materials for Organic Fertilizer Manufacturing

3) Residue of oil crop seeds after oil extraction
The residue of oil crop seeds is cake fertilizer, including rapeseed cake, bean cake, peanut cake and cypress seed cake.

4) Domestic garbage
The composition of domestic waste and waste is complex, and kitchen waste is rich in organic matter. Dust and other waste can be used for lower nutrients. Plastics, glass and other substances do not provide any nutrients. Because it is difficult to classify garbage and to screen and utilize it, domestic garbage is generally not used as raw material for organic fertilizer manufacturing.

5) Peat
Peat is an organic sedimentary layer formed by undecomposed plant residues under water-storing conditions in plants grown in a low-humidity zone.

The raw materials for organic fertilizer manufacturing come from a wide range of sources, but these materials usually have to be composted and fermented first. The compost turning machine is a necessary fermentation equipment for industrial fermentation of organic fertilizer. The mixing of external materials and fermenting materials can accelerate the fermentation speed. Compost turning machine saves a lot of manpower, has a large processing capacity and is convenient to produce organic fertilizer.

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organic fertilizer manufacturing process