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Structure of organic fertilizer extrusion granulator machine

Pelleting machine as the core processing equipment of organic fertilizer machine, has different classification, here mainly introduces extrusion pelletizer.

The extrusion structure of the extrusion granulator mainly has two forms of double roller extrusion and wheel rolling extrusion.

The double roller granulator is composed of a feeding device and two parallel rolls that rotate in parallel. The axis line of one roll is fixed, and the axis line of the other roll can move in parallel, so that there is an accurate minute gap between the two rolls. The size of the gap is adjusted by the push rods of two or four hydraulic cylinders to move the roller axis to maintain a constant pressing force.
fertilizer roller extrusion granulator machine

The wheel extrusion granulator is a flat die pellet mill, and its feeding system and roller arrangement have many forms. The screw pusher can be vertical or horizontal; its speed is adjustable; the position of the feeding hopper is adjustable and keeps constant; the circumferential surface of the roll has spherical or corrugated cavities. The powder material is continuously and evenly added to the top of the two rolls from the hopper. Under the continuous rotation of the squeezing roll, the powder material is bitten into the two rolls and squeezed into a sheet.