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The development of organic fertilizer equipment needs to be combined with land cultivation

 Agriculture is the pillar industry of our people, if we want to be strong in agriculture, we must combine land use with land cultivation, pay attention to the development of organic fertilizer equipment, at the same time, fully evaluate the economic benefits of organic fertilizer, ecological benefits will be one of the major decisions to establish a good soil ecosystem. Land is a precious and limited natural resource and the most basic means of production for agriculture. Most of the land that has been identified is saline-alkali flat, sandy land and bare rock gravel land, which is difficult to be used for farmland development and utilization. Therefore, more people and less land is a prominent contradiction in the development of agriculture and even the whole national economy in our province.

Soil fertility directly determines the level of land productivity. In the existing ten thousand mu of arable land in our province, the proportion of alkaline land, flood-prone land, shallow land and soil erosion area is relatively large. In recent years, the intensity of the release of agricultural production potential in our province has gradually flattened, and the situation of food production has been hovering at a new level, one of the important reasons is that the cultivated land fertility is low, so the development of organic fertilizer processing equipment needs to be combined with land cultivation. Therefore, in order to make our country's agriculture to a new level, the whole province must attach great importance to the construction of land capacity. Organic fertilizer processing equipment manufacturers believe that it is necessary to start with the application of organic fertilizer and inorganic fertilizer to strengthen the fertility of the soil to ensure that agricultural land can better complete our crop growth. The development of organic fertilizer production line can be relied on, is one of the equipment that can be developed in the future, the first thing to do is to cultivate the land, it is necessary to lay a good foundation, and it plays a role in the future development.