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The process flow of a complete set of organic fertilizer granulation equipment


Organic fertilizers contain a variety of medium and trace elements, and plants can receive comprehensive nutrition. However, a large amount of elements such as nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium in organic fertilizers cannot be fully provided, so plants are often in a state of lacking nitrogen, phosphorus, and potassium, with smaller cells and vacuoles and lower water content.

The process flow of a complete set of organic fertilizer granulation equipment:

1. Firstly, the raw materials such as animal manure are fermented and decomposed. The entire fermentation process can kill harmful bacterial communities inside, which is also the most important step in the entire organic fertilizer production process.

2. Secondly, it is necessary to use organic fertilizer crushing equipment and semi wet material crusher to preliminarily decompose the raw materials.

3. Matching raw materials is one of the crucial processes in the production of organic fertilizers. Its main purpose is to add an appropriate amount of auxiliary materials according to the formula ratio to improve the quality of fertilizer.

4. After uniform mixing, mechanical granulation is the most crucial aspect of the entire production process.

5. After the raw material undergoes the drying step to obtain high-temperature energy, the next step is to perform low-temperature cooling. Since water cannot be used for cooling, a cooling machine equipment is needed to separate the contact between the material and water.

6. Screening is to screen out unqualified fertilizer particles, and the screening equipment here has the advantages of high efficiency and easy operation.

7. Generate the required granules from the mixed raw materials, especially suitable for materials with high viscosity.